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June 2022

The Day the Dung Beetle Defeated the Dark by Estelle Cheuk

Noodle and the No Bones Day by Jonathan Graziano

I’m Not A Girl by Maddox Lyons & Jessica Verdi

The Little Bear by Nicola Killen

Hooray for Sunny Days! by Susan Kantor

Swim, Jim! by Kaz Windness

Listen Up, Louella by Ashley Belote

Spellbound: An Enchanting New Arrival by Jess Townes

Pigeon & Cat by Edward Hemingway

Free at Last: A Juneteenth Poem by Sojourner Kincaid Rolle

Mina by Matthew Forsythe

Some Daddies by Carol Gordon Ekster

My Dad is a Grizzly Bear by Swapna Haddow

Rosa’s Song by Helena Ku Rhee

If You’re a Drag Queen and You Know It by Lil Miss Hot Mess

Thursday by Ann Bonwill

Perfectly Pegasus by Jessie Sima

The Pout-Pout Fish and the Worry-Worry Whale by Deborah Diesen

I Want to Be a Vase by Julio Torres

May 2022

My Dadima Wears a Sari by Kashmira Sheth

Chinese Kite Festival (中国风筝节) by Rich Lo

Tara the Rickshaw and the Tale of the Lost Kitten by Amna Nasima

Stella, Star Explorer by Kelly Leigh Miller

Luli and the Language of Tea by Andrea Wang

Into the Sand Castle: A Lift-the-Flap Book by Cindy Jin

The Vanishing Lake by Paddy Donnelly

Home is Where the Birds Sing by Cynthia Rylant

Common Backyard Birds by Doris Dumrauf

Henry’s Lollipops by Robert Quackenbush

Little Monster Trucks Go! by Doug Cenko

All You Need by Howard Schwartz

Ask a Pilot: A Pilot Answers Kids’ Questions About Air Travel by Justin Kelley

When I’m Not Looking by Farren Phillips

Goldie’s Guide to Grandchilding by Clint McElroy

A Family Is… by Lisa Thiesing

Amy Wu and the Warm Welcome by Kat Zhang

The Hair Book by LaTonya Yvette & Amanda Jane Jones

I Am Golden by Eva Chen

Lizzy and the Cloud by The Fan Brothers

April 2022

Milo’s Moonlight Mission by Benjamin Carroll

I Am Able to Shine by Korey Watari

Almost Always Best, Best Friends by Apryl Stott

For Those Who Dream by Benjamin Carroll

Bloom by Ruth Forman

Little Seed by Benson Shum

I Really Want to Be First! & I Really Want a Bigger Piece! by Harriet Ziefert

Bright Star by Yuyi Morales

Rock Star Recess by Patrick Baggatta

What’s Inside the Easter Egg?: A Lift-the-Flap Book by Cindy Jin

One Busy Bunny by Robie Rogge

Peter Easter Frog by Erin Dealey

Before the World Wakes by Estelle Laure

Sports Heroes: Inspiring Tales of Athletes Who Stood Up and Stood Out by Mia Cassany & Iker Ayestaran

Show-How Guides: Egg Decorating & Paper Airplanes by Renée Kurilla & Keith Zoo

Lost and Found by Kate Banks & Galia Bernstein

Look After Us: A Lift-The-Flap Book by Rod Campbell

No Nibbling! by Beth Ferry

Only One by Deborah Hopkinson & Chuck Groenink

Ocean of Love by Janet Lawler

March 2022

10 Hungry Rabbits by Anita Lobel

You Complete Me: A Sliding Pull-Tab Book by Cindy Jin

Be Thankful for Trees: A Tribute to the Many & Surprising Ways Trees Relate to Our Lives by Harriet Ziefart & Brian Fitzgerald

The Friendship Surprise by Giorgio Volpe & Paolo Proietti

Acorn Was a Little Wild by Jen Arena

Somewhere, Right Now by Kerry Docherty

Pruett and Soo by Nancy Viau

Some Questions About Trees by Toni Yuly

Let’s Do Everything and Nothing by Julia Kuo

The Happiest Kid by Sarah Bagley Steele

Five Little Leprechauns by Jeffrey Burton

Harriet’s Ruffled Feathers: The Woman Who Saved Millions of Birds by Joy McCullough

The Most Important Thing by Antonella Abbatiello

My Dad, My Rock by Victor D.O. Santos

My First Book of Microbes: Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and More by Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferrón & Eduard Altarriba

A Friend for Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo

How to Be an Explorer: Outdoor Skills and Know-How for Young Adventurers by Tiger Cox

Breaking Through the Clouds: The Sometimes Turbulent Life of Meteorologist Joanne Simpson by Sandra Nickel

Cedric’s Tail by Amani Uduman

A Dinosaur Named Ruth: How Ruth Mason Discovered Fossils in Her Own Backyard by Julia Lyon

That’s Betty: The Story of Betty White by Gregory Bonsignore

Tummy Time! by Mama Makes Books

The Katha Chest by Radhiah Chowdhury

February 2022

Masha Munching by Amalia Hoffman

Ablaze With Color: A Story of Painter Alma Thomas by Jeanne Walker Harvey

Mardi Gras Almost Didn’t Come This Year by Kathy Z. Price

Big Wig by Jonathan Hillman

This is (Not) Enough by Anna Kang

Piper and Purpa Forever! by Susan Lendroth

The Perfect Party by Laurel P. Jackson

Alice Waters Cooks Up a Food Revolution by Diane Stanley

Me & Mama by Cozbi A. Cabrera

Who Is It, Whoodini? by Roman Yasiejko

How Do You Love?: The Five Ways We Show We Care by Kellie Byrnes

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch by Eileen Spinelli

The Whole World Inside Nan’s Soup by Hunter Liguore

Ida B. Wells, Voice of Truth by Michelle Duster

Once Upon A Forest by Pam Fong

Dodos Are Not Extinct! by Paddy Donnelly

The Very First You by Scott Stuart

The Story Blanket by Ferida Wolff & Harriet May Savitz

Bold Words From Black Women: Inspiration and Truths from 50 Extraordinary Leaders Who Helped Shape Our World by Dr. Tamara Pizzoli

Chameleon Can Be by Carolina Farías

January 2022

Why?: A Conversation about Race by Taye Diggs

I Am You: A Book About Ubuntu by Refiloe Moahloli

The Farmer and the Monkey by Marla Frazee

How to Be a Real Man by Scott Stuart

Animal Architects by Amy Cherrix

Playing with Lanterns by Wang Yage

Jazz for Lunch! by Jarrett Dapier

Have You Seen Gordon? by Adam Jay Epstein & Ruth Chan

When Langston Dances by Kaija Langley

My Name is Bana by Bana Alabed

Mermaid Dance by Matthew Van Fleet

Kisses, Kisses, Head to Toe! by Karen Katz

Moving Forward: From Space-Age Rides to Civil Rights Sit-Ins with Airman Alton Yates by Chris Barton

Keep Your Head Up by Aliya King Neil

The Faith of Elijah Cummings: The North Star of Equal Justice by Carole Boston Weatherford

Fly by Brittany J. Thurman

Cat Dog by Mem Fox & Mark Teague

Snow Angel, Sand Angel by Lois-Ann Yamanaka

My Grandma’s Photos by Özge Bahar Sunar

Strut, Baby, Strut by Amika Kroll

Friends Are Friends, Forever by Dane Liu

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