I Love My Llamacorn (Danielle McLean)

Hello, friends! Our book today is I Love My Llamacorn, written by Danielle McLean and illustrated by Prisca Le Tandé, an adorable board book about a beloved magical friend.

What do you get when you cross a llama and a unicorn? Why, a llamacorn, of course! As the rainbow-horned and -tailed creature gallops across the colorful plains and dances on fluffy clouds, the narration proclaims their love and friendship for it, showing special appreciation for their kindness, gentleness, and encouraging nature.

Sugary sweet. There’s not a lot of substance to this board book beyond it’s joyful use of rainbow colors, enchantingly adorable characters, and cutout-heart and glitter elements. Yet as the reader admires Llamacorn’s knack for bringing joy to others and living happily and colorfully, this doesn’t seem to matter. Llamacorn is merry, spirited, and exuberant, and encourages the reader to believe in themselves, listen to their heart, and be proud of how special they are. It’s a bite-sized read full of unabashed cheer and positivity, and like llamacorn, is fine just as it is. The titular animal and its many furred, feathered, and even plant- and celestial-based friends are precious, and JJ loved this one. A sweet treat of a book, and we recommend it to any little reader in need of a happiness boost. Baby Bookworm approved!

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