Safari Vets (Emily Bannister & Ian Cunliffe)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Safari Vets by Emily Bannister and Ian Cunliffe, a delightful interactive story for young animal lovers.

The call comes in: animals are in need! Not to worry, the safari vets – two youngsters, one a little girl and one more ambiguously gendered – are on the case! Packing their medical bag full of supplies, they rush to assist their furry friends. First up, a lion with a hurt nose! A bandage will help him feel better. So too will the cozy scarf for the giraffe with the sore throat, and the crocodile with achy gums from teething. Along with each remedy, the young vets provide sound advice: a lot of love and a little rest, and soon each patient will feel their best.

Adorable. Utilizing some truly clever touch-and-feel and interactive elements, this bouncy tale gives kids a chance to care for sick animals alongside the characters, all while getting a comforting lesson on convalescence. Kids can apply the lion’s bandage using Velcro, wrap the giraffe’s long neck, soothe an elephant’s sore ear, and more. It’s a nice way to encourage nurturing behavior along with scientific curiosity, and JJ absolutely went wild for it. The repeated refrain about rest and love is also great, and makes this an ideal book to pull out when little bookworms may not be feeling their best. The length is perfect, the art was precious and fun, and we loved it. Baby Bookworm approved!

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