I Will Be Fierce! (Bea Birdsong)

Hello, friends! Our book today is I Will Be Fierce!, written by Bea Birdsong and illustrated by Nidhi Chanani, a wonderful girl-power mantra for young readers.

A girl begins her day by opening her eyes and making herself a promise: “I will be fierce.” She dons her suit of armor (a rainbow-striped sweater), packs her treasure chest (her backpack) and sets off on her epic quest of learning and adventure. Throughout the day, she’ll complete many a heroic task, like climbing the Mountain of Knowledge at the library and standing up for her beliefs by shunning a pack of bullying kids to befriend their target. Only then will she face her own greatest fear – public speaking – using the courage she’s built throughout the day. At last, she’ll return home to rest in the arms of her loved ones, so that she can wake up tomorrow to be fierce once more.

Fantastic. Listen, you know we love girl-power books, so this fierce entry into the genre was a treat. The use of an average day imagined as a mighty quest isn’t new, but I loved the way the knightly descriptions were juxtaposed with colorful and cheerful surroundings; it’s a clever and subtle way to show that being a tough and strong doesn’t mean being without joy or brightness. The protagonist is adorable, and her charming facial expressions draw the reader into rooting for her. The length was perfect, and JJ and I both loved it. A great read for empowering little readers, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

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