Stretch To The Sun: From A Tiny Sprout To The Tallest Tree On Earth (Carrie A. Pearson)


Hello, friends! Our book today is Stretch To The Sun: From A Tiny Sprout To The Tallest Tree On Earth, written by Carrie A. Pearson, illustrated by Susan Swan, a look at the life of a coast redwood from seed to mighty tree.

An older redwood, at the end of its life, is blown down by a storm; yet from it, new life begins. This tiny seed takes root in the remains of the older tree, putting down roots and shooting up sprigs, then leaves, then branches. Over the course of hundreds of years, the tree grows taller and taller, creating new ecosystems within its towering trunk and branches and forming a canopy over the forest with other tall trees. Escaping loggers due to its size, the tree remains standing to this day, a testament of the lifespan of such incredible trees, and a reminder that every big thing starts from something small.

Very interesting. The meat of the text looks at the details of how a redwood forest ecosystem fosters the growth of a new tree: the way leaves decay into soil, animals deposit seedlings that grow into symbiotic plants, weather creates rain, sun, and fog that nourish the plant. Generous use of onomatopoeia keep the text from becoming too dull for small readers, and some lovely illustrations, including two clever vertical spreads, gives a sense of scale. The backmatter is informative, and the length overall is fine. Make no mistake, this is a fairly slow storyline, but succeeds in its goal at creating a sense of reverence and respect for these incredible trees. JJ enjoyed it, especially the sound effects, and we can recommend this one, especially for readers hoping to learn more about redwood trees. Baby Bookworm approved!

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