Dino Duckling (Alison Murray)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Dino Duckling by Alison Murray, an adorable and touching tale about being different.

Even before his egg has hatched, Dino’s mama duck knew he was going to be different. After all, her other children are all small, fluffy yellow ducklings and Dino is… not. But from the very start, Mama Duck was sure to tell all her children that even if they didn’t look the same, they were a family and they should always look out for each other. As Dino and his siblings grew, Mama Duck taught them all the things to know about being a duck. And even though he was happy with his family, Dino sometimes felt how very different he was from them – in size and shape and, climactically, his inability to fly south with them for the winter. As his mother and siblings lift off, Dino sinks down and cries, imagining they have finally left him. But family is family, no matter what – and family never leaves one of their own behind.

Lovely. When it comes to complicated issues in children’s books, sometimes the simplest version of the story is best, especially when it has the degree of honesty that this one has. I especially liked that it noted how, even with love and support from family, being different can still be hard on the unique; it shows kids that sometimes being frustrated or sad with what sets them apart is natural and fair. The illustrations are absolutely darling, and JJ went wild for them, ESPECIALLY Dino (you can see her showing them to her own Mr. Dinosaur in the picture). The length is great, and we enjoyed it. A classic tale of family love, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

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