Daddy Cuddle (Kate Mayes)

Hello, everybody! Our book today is Daddy Cuddle, written by Kate Mayes and illustrated by Sara Acton, a sweet and simple story of waking up.

A young bunny is the first to wake in his house, and rushes to his parents’ room to wake his father to start the day. “Daddy up?” he asks, but Daddy Bunny is still fast asleep. The bunny toddler sets about finding something to rouse his daddy out of bed, suggesting various activities like “Daddy ball?” and “Daddy bike?”, but still, nothing seems to bring Daddy Bunny to wakefulness. At last, the little bunny gives a frustrated shout, and Daddy Bunny wakes, chuckles, and brings his little bunny up for snuggles, and Young Bunny finds that sometimes the best morning activity is just a quiet Daddy cuddle.

This was an adorable little story that any family with wee early risers will relate to. The story is mostly told through the darling watercolor art, with the text primarily conveying Young Bunny’s dialogue in simple two-word sentences. This makes the length perfect for baby bookworms, and JJ really enjoyed it. It’s a very sweet father-and-child (whose gender is left ambiguous) story celebrating the early-morning energy of little ones, and the quiet, cuddly moments between daddies and their babies. Baby Bookworm approved!

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