Little Big Girl (Claire Keane)

Hello, friends! Today’s book is Little Big Girl by Claire Keane, a heart-meltingly sweet ode to big sisterhood.

Matisse is a little girl. Every morning, she brushes her little teeth, ties her little shoes, and gets into her little car seat to go off into her big, busy city. But when Matisse’s baby brother is born, she realizes that she’s not so little after all. In fact, compared to him, she’s big! So she decides that it’s her responsibility to help the new little one learn the ropes, so they can explore the great big world together.

What a positively lovely book. Inspired by her own children, Keane takes a classic theme, introducing a new baby to the family, and infuses it with miles of heart. I loved that Matisse never shows jealousy or reluctance in the face of her big sisterhood, and is in fact excited to help and interact with the new baby. And the theme of Matisse finding her place in the new order of things as both a little girl and a big sister, feels fresh and personal. The art is absolutely endearing, and Matisse and family will have any reader charmed. The length is just right for baby bookworms, and JJ absolutely adored it. This is a perfect pick for little ones getting ready to welcome a new sibling into their lives, and we highly recommend it. Emphatically Baby Bookworm approved!

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