Barry, The Fish With Fingers (Sue Hendra)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is Barry, The Fish With Fingers by Sue Hendra, a fun and silly story about a very unique fish.

Life can be sort of humdrum in the ocean. Sure, all the fish look different, but their fishy lives are a bit dull. That is, until Barry arrives. Barry is a fish – with FINGERS! Barry can use his unique appendages to do all sorts of interesting things, even save lives! How can the other fish acquire fingers of their own?

This was a very fun little book. Very lighthearted and tongue in cheek, and a lot of fun to read (the ending can be a little jarring for adults if you think about it too closely, but kids will just think it’s funny). The illustrations are bold and brightly colored, and JJ adored them, as well as the silly story and descriptive text. The length is great, and all in all this one was an entertaining read. Baby Bookworm approved!

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