How To Read A Story (Kate Messner)

Hello, everybody! Today, we read How To Read A Story, written by Kate Messner and illustrated by Mark Siegel, an adorable instructional manual for baby bookworms!

Step one of how to read a story: find a story to read. And from there, the reader is taken step by step through the process of enjoying a good book: find a suitable reading buddy, a comfortable spot, do the character’s voices, etc. Last but not least, if you enjoyed the book, you can always start all over again – stories, like this one, were made to be enjoyed again and again.

This was a very sweet book that is awesome for little ones who are avid readers and book lovers. The text and illustration is whimsical yet earnest, encouraging little bibliophiles to enjoy books to the fullest, and showing the joy and adventure that they can bring. The illustrations are simple, colorful and fun, and compliment the text and theme of the story well. It’s a great length for little ones, and JJ had a lot of fun with it. We liked this one a lot, for obvious reasons! Baby Bookworm approved.

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