Monster Needs His Sleep (Paul Czajak)

Hello, everyone! Our book today is Monster Needs His Sleep, written by Paul Czajak and illustrated by Wendy Grieb, an adorable bedtime book for little monsters.

It’s Monster’s bedtime, but while his young friend tries to get him to get ready and lie down, Monster keeps finding distractions and excuses to stay awake, like reading books, needing a glass of water, or a sudden need to watch a documentary about the Boston Symphony. Is he being difficult, or could it be… Monster is scared of the dark? 

This very cute bedtime book is part of the Monster & Me series by Czajak, and it’s a fantastic addition to the collection. The rhymes are charming and fun to read aloud, and the illustrations are brimming with color and personality. The length is perfect for baby bookworms, and JJ was having fun the whole way through. This is a great book, both as part of its series and as a standalone, and perfect for little monsters who enjoy a fun bedtime story. Baby Bookworm approved!

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