Beach Baby (Indestructibles Books) (Kate Merritt)


Hey everybody! We’re going to do our usual book review later, but I wanted to tell you about this awesome book my friend gave me for JJ. As you know, she loves books, but the book lover in me is hesitant to let her loose on some of her books, especially heirlooms or library books because my baby bookworm is, well, a baby.

But for her birthday, our friend Betty gave us an “Indestructibles” book called Beach Baby by Kate Merritt. It’s a short, simple see-and-say book that lists the various things one would find on a day at the beach, but the really special part is the book itself – it really is indestructible! Rip-proof, tear-proof, bite-proof and fully washable, it’s a book that JJ can play with as much (and as hard) as she wants to without having to worry about paper cuts or eating pages, or having to throw away a ruined beloved book. How cool! Thanks, Indestructibles! We highly recommend them to our fellow baby bookworms.

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