When You Just Have To Roar! (Rachel Robertson)


Summer Reading Day 41: Happy Saturday, everyone! Today’s book is When You Just Have To Roar! by Rachel Robertson. Confession: 99% of the time, I choose our library books quickly, so I am absolutely guilty of judging books by their covers. I picked up this one because the cover looked interesting, but when we opened it today, we found it was actually a book about classroom manners! And while JJ is a pretty smart one-year-old, at the moment she hasn’t progressed past learning how to not poop in her pants and not eat the dog, so a location-specific manner set is a little advanced for us! That being said, the story was still a fun read that was actually length-appropriate for a toddler. She enjoyed the pictures, and I enjoyed the diversity of the characters, and that it did teach a really good lesson on classroom manners 🙂 Great for a slightly older child, but fine for a patient younger reader. Thumbs up!

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