Mary Had a Little Plan (Tammi Sauer)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Mary Had a Little Plan, written by Tammi Sauer and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, a lovely tale of determination and community.

Fashionable Mary, first introduced in the title Mary Had a Little Glam, is passing by a vacant lot with her parent one day when she is struck with inspiration. She knows that giving the trashed and overgrown lot a makeover will be a major undertaking, however, so she sets about making a plan to succeed. She reaches out to community businesses to donate materials and works her fingers to the bone, but she is left exhausted with plenty more to do! Should she give up? Or can more help be found in the hands of neighbors and friends who may be eager to join her cause?

Energetic and energizing! Brantley-Newton’s cheerful illustrations combine with Sauer’s impeccable rhyme scheme (seriously, she manages to flawlessly incorporate a five-syllable word in one line) to create a tale of a community project, teamwork, and perseverance. So many things are done right here, like “glam” Mary not shying away from the physical work needed to make her goal a reality, the diverse and inclusive cast, the fun nods to familiar nursery rhymes, and the perfect balance of a story that does not require readers to have read the previous book, but adds in fun details for fans who are returning for the sequel. It’s the perfect length for a storytime, and JJ and I both really enjoyed it. Overall, this is a light but extremely well-constructed title that is absolutely worth the read. Baby Bookworm approved!

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the publisher in exchange for an honest review).

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