Great Lives In Graphics (Button Books)

Hello, friends! We’re bringing you a special weekend review and taking a look at the latest titles in Button Books’ Great Lives In Graphics series, which introduces notable figures from history in a kid-friendly, infographic-style format.

Did you know that William Shakespeare invented 1,700 words? Or that Frida Kahlo painted over 200 paintings in her lifetime? Did you know Jane Austen invented a writing technique called “free indirect speech” that changed the fiction genre forever? Or that Nikola Tesla could speak eight languages and had a photographic memory? Young readers can learn these fascinating factoids and more, laid out in a colorful and engaging infographic style that is sure to leave the audience with a better understanding of these fascinating figures.

We’ve reviewed a couple of titles from this series before, and these six new additions – covering Tesla, Shakespeare, Austen, Kahlo, Mozart, and Einstein – are equally edifying and fun. Information on the luminaries’ lives, the time periods and societies in which they lived, and the lasting impact of their work are all organized into infographics that are packed with facts but never overwhelming, and are perfect for grabbing the attention of elementary to middle-grade readers. Occasionally, some of the details or subjects covered can feel a little extraneous (such as the biological mechanics of how we hear sound in Mozart’s biography), but most are enriching and often fun; a particular favorite for me was the Regency Name Generator in Austen’s book, and JJ loved the Shakespeare Insult Generator. Overall, these are incredible ways to gets kids engaged in historical figures and events, and we highly recommend them. Baby Bookworm approved!

(Note: Copies of these books were provided to The Baby Bookworm by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)

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