All The Ways To Be Smart (Davina Bell)

Hello, friends! Our book today is All The Ways To Be Smart, written by Davina Bell and illustrated by Allison Colpoys, a delightful ode to different types of intelligence.

Being smart is more than just one thing; it’s not just being good at taking tests or doing math or getting good grades in school. No, a person can be smart in lots of ways! They can be smart at making crafts or drawing pictures, or dancing, or being brave. They can be smart at caring for others, especially when that person is hurt or shy. They can be smart at imagination, play, music, tea parties, or even blowing bubbles. Even simply sitting still and being quiet; this is something smart, too. Rest assured, not everyone has to be smart in the same way – and sharing all the different ways we are smart makes the world better every day.

LOVED. THIS. From the bright, fluorescent illustrations featuring a diverse cast of children and imaginary creatures, to the comforting and important message about the values of emotional and technical intelligence, this is an adorably cute yet critically valuable lesson for young kids. In particular, the themes of how being smart in often-overlooked ways struck me; as the parent of a special-needs child, it’s wonderful to find stories that celebrate people who think differently, yet are no less intelligent. For neuro-atypical or otherwise differently-abled kids like JJ, a book like this can make them, and their caregivers, feel seen. It’s a perfect length for storytime, and well-worth a read by any young, developing mind. We adored this one, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

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