SUPERBUNS! (Diane Kredensor)

Hey there, friends! We’re back after a somewhat unexpected extended absence with a now-four-year-old Baby Bookworm and a sweet new book to review: SUPERBUNS! by Diane Kredensor.

Little Buns is better known around the neighborhood by her superhero name: SUPERBUNS! With the power of a kind heart and a helpful attitude, she is always on the lookout for how she can assist her neighbors or merely brighten their day, much to their delight and appreciation. Less appreciative, however, is her older sister Blossom, a self-proclaimed know-it-all (and a bit of a cynic), who insists that while “kind is kind”, it does not qualify as a superpower. Eager to deliver a hot cobbler and cold milk to their Grammy’s so they can all enjoy it together, she is frustrated by the constant delays that Superbuns’s helpfulness creates. And when she hears her sister offer assistance to a fox who has been following them all day, Blossom panics, insisting that the fox will eat their cobbler, then eat THEM! But when the young fox explains that she has no interest in doing them or their baked good harm – she’s actually lost and was hoping Superbuns could help – Blossom is embarrassed by her rush to judgement, and eagerly helps their new friend find her way home, concluding that perhaps there is more to kindness than she had previously surmised.

Very cute. The story is simple and straightforward, and sends several positive messages to young readers: do not judge by appearances or stereotypes, that one can be both smart and kind, and that there’s always time to sow a little kindness in our neighborhoods. This is paired nicely with the rounded, cartoonish quality of the character design, which emphasizes Blossom’s impatience and Bun’s guilelessness. The story is quick but with a good rhythm, and made this a quick yet fun read for JJ and I. We both enjoyed this, and can definitely recommend it to you – Baby Bookworm approved!

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)

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