Olivia The Spy (Ian Falconer)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Olivia The Spy, the most recent of the wonderfully funny Olivia series by Ian Falconer.

Olivia the precocious piglet is back, and just as trouble-prone as ever. The story opens of Olivia overhearing a phone conversation of her mother’s in which the exasperated older pig is recounting Olivia’s latest exploits (covering the kitchen in blueberry smoothie when she tries to use the blender, and popping her red socks in with the white dress shirts, turning everything pink). Olivia is incensed, and decides to investigate – she just needs to do a little spying. However, for a little piggy who loves to stand out, even blending in seems to be a bit of a production. Olivia accidentally overhears (and misinterprets) a conversation between her parents, and thinks she is finally being sent away for her misbehaviors. She solemnly packs her belongings and prepares for exile… only to find that her mother has actually been planning a surprise trip to the ballet.

Fans of the series will definitely enjoy this one, as it offers everything readers have come to expect from Olivia’s stories: tongue-in-cheek, deadpan humor for both children and adults; gorgeous illustrations that capture the grandeurs of Olivia’s adventures, both real and imagined; and a breezy story of humorous vignettes tied together with a few wry running gags. There’s definitely some fun to be had here, making for a light and silly read to share. The length is fine, and JJ always enjoys Olivia’s shenanigans. On it’s own, a fun escape; as a part of the series, another welcome jaunt through the whimsical world of Olivia. Baby Bookworm approved!

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