Tiny The Easter Bunny (Eric James)

Hello friends, and Hoppy Easter! Our book today is Tiny The Easter Bunny, written by Eric James and illustrated by Sara Sanchez, a regional-themed Easter book about a helpful elephant learning how to be the best Easter Bunny he can be.

Tiny is out for a run one day when he comes upon his rabbit friend Fluff, who has found herself stuck in a log while hiding Easter eggs. Fluff is dismayed – turns out that she is the Easter Bunny, and if she can’t get unstuck, the eggs won’t get hidden this year! Tiny offers his help, attempting to free her without success. Instead, Tiny decides that he will be the Easter Bunny and, donning a pink fluffy costume, he sets out to hide the eggs. Unfortunately, he finds that the job is not as simple as he thought, and is soon exhausted and falling behind. But with a little help and encouragement from a mouse friend named Marvin, and the right attitude, Tiny finds that in order to be the best Easter Bunny he can, he needs to learn to be himself first.

This is a very neat concept: there’s a sweet story about Easter, egg-hunting, and learning to appreciate oneself. From there, using tweaks to the text and illustrations, the author and illustrator were able to create over 60 regional versions of this book! We read the Texas version, but there’s one for every state, the whole of Canada as well as some individual provinces, and a smattering of US and Canadian cities as well! All together, it makes for an awesome Easter read, connecting children to their region while teaching a sweet lesson in being yourself. The illustrations are adorable, and the bouncy rhyming text is lots of fun to read. The length was fine for JJ, and we had a great time with it! A great Easter gift for little ones, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)

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