Nightlights (Lorena Alvarez)

Hello, everyone! Today’s book is Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez, an exciting, scary, yet very empowering tale of creativity and self-confidence.

Sandy is a little girl who loves to draw. For her, drawing is like watching the air fill with the spark of her ideas and dreams (she calls them “nightlights”), then putting pen to paper to recreate what she sees. One day, she meets a new girl at school, Morfie, who loves her drawings. But there’s something very strange about Morfie… sinister, even. And when Morfie tries to take control of Sandy’s imagination, the young artist must think of a way to escape from the nightmare that her new companion has dragged her into.

Okay, so I sort of messed up here, because this book is DEFINITELY too advanced for baby bookworms. However, for older children, this may be one of the most beautiful and gripping graphic novels I’ve ever seen. Within the story, a very gothic and creepy tale with some truly nightmarish visuals, there is a powerful metaphor for self-doubt and how it can make us question ourselves and our talents. Sandy’s courage and cleverness, as well as her creativity, make her a phenomenal heroine for young readers, and Alvarez’s jaw-dropping anime-inspired art sets an epic atmosphere. And while the story was a bit advanced, JJ was spellbound by the art. So, while you might want to wait a few years to share this story with your little readers, I would definitely recommend it. Baby Bookworm approved!

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