Maple (Lori Nichols)

Hello, everyone! Today’s book is Maple by Lori Nichols, a wonderfully sweet story about a little girl and her very best friend… who happens to be a tree.

Back when Maple was still in her Mommy’s tummy, her parents planted a little tree in her honor. And as Maple grew, her namesake did as well, eventually becoming a small sapling the perfect size for a little girl to sit under and dream. Maple loves her tree, giving it a coat when it’s cold outside, dancing along with it in the wind, and playing beneath its leafy branches. Still, she sometimes wishes she had another person to play with (for instance, trees aren’t great at throwing snowballs). One day, she is surprised to find another tiny tree alongside her own… and to learn that she has a baby sister on the way. It might be new and scary, but Maple just may find that there is room under the branches of her tree for two.

This was a lovely, gentle story about nature and family. Maple’s kind, caring instincts toward her tree becoming a nurturing instinct toward her baby sister is very endearing, and makes for a very soothing and mellow story. The art, which includes real maple leaf rubbings as a motif, is adorable. The length is great, and JJ really enjoyed this. This would be a great gift for a little one who is about to be a big sibling, or for any child who loves the outdoors. Baby Bookworm approved!

3 thoughts on “Maple (Lori Nichols)

  1. Amanda @Cover2CoverMom says:

    Love that book! My daughter received it as part of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a program offered through our local library. It’s the perfect book for parents to read to older siblings who are anticipating a new addition to the family. Lovely review 🙂

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