Night Animals (Gianna Marino)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Night Animals by Gianna Marino, a humorous romp with some nervous nocturnal creatures.

A skunk finds a possum hiding inside a hollow tree, and asks him what is the matter. The possum replies that he is hiding from the scary night animals! Skunk gets spooked and joins him, and they cower as they hear the telltale howl of a wolf… only to find that the wolf is scared of the night animals too! Indeed, so is the giant bear! It takes a clever bat to point out to them that they are, in fact, night animals themselves. Oh! But wait… what manner of creature hides in that green tent…? 

This was a very silly and ultimately entertaining story with some great humor. The dialogue has a nice slow build that whips the animals into a frenzy before the comedic reveal, and it was fun to read aloud. The visual gags are fun too, including skunk’s stench and possum playing dead. The art is very interesting, using detailed illustrations of the animals over black backgrounds to create a spooky, but not scary, effect. The length was good, and JJ really enjoyed it, so we will definitely call this one Baby Bookworm approved!

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