Here Comes The Easter Cat (Deborah Underwood)

Hello friends, and Happy Easter! In honor of the occasion, we read Here Comes The Easter Cat, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Claudia Rueda, a story of a mischievous little cat who wants to get in on the Easter fun.

The first in the hilarious and adorable Here Comes Cat holiday series, the story opens on a grumpy kitty who feels jealous of all the attention the Easter Bunny gets. Wanting to get in on the action, he decides to deliver eggs to children too, on his motorcycle. Shortly after leaving though, he decides he needs a nap, his eighth of the day. Hmmm, maybe being the Easter Cat isn’t as easy as he thought… 

As always, the Here Comes Cat series is a delightful addition to the holidays. The hilarious conversational text combined with charmingly emotive illustrations to show Cat’s silently snarky responses makes for a very fun read, especially aloud. And of course, Cat learns his lesson at the end, as he always does, finding that kindness is its own reward. This is the third of this series we’ve read, and we enjoy each one more and more. The length is perfect, as the pace moves quick despite the book’s length, and JJ loved it. A fantastically silly read with a subtly sweet message make for a great way to celebrate the holiday, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

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