Dinosaur Vs. The Library (Bob Shea)

Hey, everyone! Since this week is National Library Week, and we wanted to celebrate, we chose a fun book to fit the theme: Dinosaur Vs. The Library by Bob Shea, the story of a fearsome little dino with a mighty roar… who may have just met his match.

Dinosaur is on his way to the library for storytime and, as always, he is prepared to take on any challenges along the way. First up: a cow. The cow moos. Dinosaur ROARS! The cow ROARS too! Dinosaur wins! And so it goes, with the little dino bringing cheer to all his friends with his infectiously fun roar. Now, for his greatest competitor of all: the library! Only indoor voices are allowed here. If little Dinosaur can keep his roar under wraps for one whole story, he may just find that following the library rules means everybody wins!

Part of Shea’s adorable Dinosaur Vs. series, this is a playful and colorful jaunt that’s a delight for little and big readers to share. Simple yet vibrant illustrations and visually interesting text layouts make each page burst with color and charm. The text is awesome to read aloud, and half the joy is getting to roar along with Dinosaur, something JJ and I were able to do together page after page, making her giggle with glee. There’s also a good lesson to be had about indoor vs. outdoor voices and library rules. The length is perfect for baby bookworms, and it’s quite simply a ton of fun. Perfect for little dinos of every age, and we loved it. Baby Bookworm approved!

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