Max At Night (Ed Vere)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Max At Night by Ed Vere, a positively adorable bedtime tale about a sweet little kitten named Max who wants to say goodnight to his friend, the moon.

Second in the Max series by Vere, the story begins with Max getting ready for bed: drinking his milk, brushing his teeth, washing behind his ears. He says goodnight to his fish and his cardboard box, but when he wants to say goodnight to the moon, it’s nowhere to be found! So Max goes out in search of the moon, wandering through the quiet, sleepy night. Will Max find the moon in time for bed?

We loved Max The Brave, the first book in Vere’s series, and this one is even better. Max’s childlike innocence and wonder is as endearing as can be, and the story evokes the dreamy magic of bedtime in a way that is soothingly serene. The darling art is simple and lovable, and supports the text perfectly. The length is great, JJ adored it, and this would be a perfect bedtime story for any little dreamer. Baby Bookworm approved!

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