The Friend Ship (Kat Yeh)

Hello, friends! Today, we read The Friend Ship, written by Kat Yeh and illustrated by Chuck Groenink, a wonderful tale about how the best friendships are often found in the very place you don’t think to look.

Hedgehog is curled into a spiny ball in a lonely hollow under a lonely tree. No longer wanting to be alone, he decides to set out in search of The Friend Ship, a vessel that sails the high seas carrying friends for everyone. As he prepares to leave in his little boat, Beaver asks if he might come along; he could use a friend too. The same for a group of deer they happen upon, and a little lonely mouse. Each time their boat stops to ask for directions, they seem to pick up a new creature in need of company. And as they sail the high seas together, telling stories and singing songs, Hedgehog begins to wonder if they’ll ever find The Friend Ship… or has he been on it all along?

What a fantastic story! The message, that the best way to find a friend is to be a good friend to others, is classic and timeless, yet the heartwarming twist of the lonesome animals finding friendships simply by opening their hearts to others who wish to do the same is fabulously sweet. The illustrations of the animals are cute and lively, and the text is a good length and fun to read. Still, the story is what shines here: a classic tale of hope, kindness, and camaraderie. JJ loved this one, and I did too! We highly recommend it, and it’s definitely Baby Bookworm approved.

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