My Dad Used To Be So Cool (Keith Negley)


Hello, friends! Our book today is My Dad Used To Be So Cool by Keith Negley, a very funny story about formerly-cool parents and the kids we love to embarrass.

The book’s narrator, a little boy, is pretty sure his dad used to be cool. He has tattoos, he used to ride a motorcycle, he may have even been in a band (the little boy isn’t sure, but he has some evidence that makes him think so, like the drum kit in the closet). As the duo get ready to go to the park, the little boy imagines what his dad must have been like when he was cool, and wonders what made him change. But after a day of laughter and play, the boy decides that his dad is still pretty cool… and only occasionally mortifying.

This one was great, and was definitely as much for parents as their little ones. While baby bookworms like JJ will love the bright, boldly-colored mod-style illustrations and the story about the bond between fathers and their children, parents who have left their rockstar and rebel days behind for parenthood (as so many of us have) will definitely get a laugh out of the little boy’s musings about what might have made his dad give up being so darn cool. The length is perfect, and this one is just fun for the whole family, especially to those parents who can look back fondly (and with humor) on their wild glory days. Baby Bookworm approved!

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