A Greyhound, A Groundhog (Emily Jenkins)

Hello, friends! Our book today is A Greyhound, A Groundhog, written by Emily Jenkins and illustrated by Chris Appelhans, an adorable exercise in wordplay that follows two mismatched friends.

A round hound? A sleeping greyhound! A round hog? A groundhog! Two very different creatures meet and become friends, going on a high-energy adventure filled with fun and astonishment. 

This is an adorable book! The wordplay keeps the text minimal and easy to read aloud, but has enough variation to keep each page interesting and filled with playful energy. The charming art then does most of the storytelling, and does so with soft, lovely illustrations that are exciting and tranquil in turns. The length is perfect for baby bookworms, and JJ had a lot of fun reading it, then going back to examine the illustrations. It’s a fun, frisky story, and little readers will love it. Baby Bookworm approved!

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