Faraway Fox (Jolene Thompson)

(Sorry for the delay! JJ’s daddy is graduating from college today, and we’ve been very busy! Here is yesterday’s Baby Bookworm review.)

Hello, everybody! Today’s book is Faraway Fox, written by Jolene Thompson and illustrated by Justin K. Thompson, a very interesting book about suburban encroachment and the impact it can have on wildlife.

A fox wanders what used to be the fields and forests of his home, now a confusing landscape of concrete, cars, and people. He has been separated from his family by an interstate, and he spends his days exploring the unfamiliar area. One day, he finds some humans building a tunnel under the freeway, and when he explores it, he finds that it leads to a wildlife preserve… and his family!

This is a bold attempt to explain a common modern problem to children: urban sprawl and the effect it has on wildlife. In this, it succeeds, with gorgeous illustrations and a satisfying ending. However, the beginning of the story, told through the fox’s narration, has a decidedly dark and despondent tone. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it allows the audience to empathize with the fox, but it could definitely upset some younger readers. I would recommend giving this one a read-through before sharing it with your baby bookworms to decide if its appropriate. That being said, JJ loved it because of the beautiful illustrations, and it’s a good length. Overall, Baby Bookworm approved!

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