Every Day Birds (Amy Ludwig VanDerwater)

Hello, everybody! Today, we read Every Day Birds, written by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater and illustrated by Dylan Metrano, a beginners guide to common birds for young children. The book, told in rhyme, features cut paper illustrations of many species of common birds (such as robins, cardinals. woodpeckers, etc) on each page, with short, one-sentence descriptions to help identify them. Also included are more detailed descriptions of each bird in the back of the book for young readers to peruse as they grow.

This was a really cool concept for a book, and it was executed well. The cut paper illustrations are colorful and simple, so children can get used to the basic look of each species, yet still bring the birds to life, and writing the book in rhyme makes it fun and easy to read aloud to the younger readers. The length is fine, too, and this would be a great book for little nature lovers or beginners at birding. We liked it! Baby Bookworm approved!

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