Hoot And Peep (Lita Judge)

Hello, everyone! It’s been an overwhelming day for many of us, so it was nice for JJ and I to take a moment to enjoy a book together. Today, we read Hoot And Peep by Lita Judge, a story about an owl learning to love his little sister for all her differences.

Hoot is very excited to take Peep, his little sister, out for the first time; he’s looking forward to sharing all his big brother owl wisdom, such as how to hoot. However, Peep has her own way of singing all her own that is VERY different from the way Hoot does things. He quickly grows frustrated with Peep because, wanting to be herself, she refuses to take his advice even though he is older than her. Eventually, he yells at Peep and scares her off, but quickly regrets his actions: the night is much lonelier without his sister and her unique song. Can Hoot make amends with Peep and learn to accept his little sister for who she is?

We absolutely loved this one! The story of older and younger siblings is timeless, especially the aspect of older siblings growing frustrated when younger siblings won’t follow their instructions or advice. The resolution was lovely, and the language, owl songs included, was fun to read. The art was gorgeous, too, filled with beautiful scenes of the owls flying playfully over Paris at night. JJ really liked this one, and the length was fine, so we are definitely calling it Baby Bookworm approved!

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