Skelly The Skeleton Girl (Jimmy Pickering)

Halloween Week, Day 2: Hello, friends! For our second Halloween book, we read Skelly The Skeleton Girl by Jimmy Pickering, a spooky-themed lost-and-found story!

Skelly is a skeleton girl who lives in a spooky haunted mansion. One day, she finds a bone, and asks everyone she can think of if they lost it: her pet bat, her man-eating plants, her ghost friends, etc. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know where the mystery bone came from! Will Skelly be able to return the bone to its rightful owner?

After the disaster that was Pumpkinhead yesterday, I was really hoping for a fun, spooky book today, and Skelly delivered! The story is a classic one, with the twist being the innocuously macabre theme of the characters and setting, making for a great Halloween read. The length was perfect for baby bookworms, and the illustrations are the sort of creepy-cute that’s fun but not scary for kids. JJ loved this one, and it was a lot of fun to read. Baby Bookworm approved!

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