The Bee Who Sneezed (Stephen Evans)

Hello, friends! Today, we read The Bee Who Sneezed, written by Stephen Evans and illustrated by Mic Ru, the story of a bee who finds a new talent in an unexpected way.

A bee is flying one day when he suddenly sneezes, and goes in the opposite direction he intends to. Suddenly, he is falling: he cannot get his bearings! But he flattens his wings and finds that he can glide instead. Excited to find his new talent, he shows the rest of his hive how to use this new way of flying, and is proud.

This book is sort of a mixed bag. On one hand, the bright, colorful illustrations are great, and JJ loved them. And while the story and message are both great, being proud of your own unique talents (including a couple of blank pages in the back of the book where readers can list their own talents, which is nice), the book has a few issues: the rhyme scheme isn’t very consistent, which makes reading it aloud a bit tricky, and there are some pages that could have benefited from different punctuation or grammar choices. Still, the book is a good length for baby bookworms, and JJ enjoyed it, so Baby Bookworm approved!

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