On The Farm, At The Market (G. Brian Karas)

Hello, everybody! Our book today is On The Farm, At The Market by G. Brian Karas, a very cool book that shows how some of our favorite foods come from small farms to our local farmer’s markets!

This book is split into two parts: the first half of the book, “On the Farm,” shows three different small farms – a vegetable farm, a dairy, and a mushroom farm – and how they make/grow their wares and prepare them for market day. The second half, “At The Market,” shows how the farmers set up and the people who come to the market to buy their offerings. At the end of the day, the town gathers at their local café to enjoy a meal made from the fruits of their labors.

This was a fantastic book! First, the illustrations are adorable (we reviewed another book that Karas illustrated, More-igami, just a few days ago), and the information is fantastic! Even I learned a few new things, like how mushrooms are grown. Just the concept of a picture book about small farms and farmer’s markets is great. We live in an area that has lots of both, so it’s great that little ones can learn where their food comes from. The length was good, a bit on the side of long for some baby bookworms. However, JJ enjoyed the book so much that I had a difficult time getting a clear picture of her holding it because she was dancing and shaking it around. So we can enthusiastically say that this one is Baby Bookworm approved!

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