The Little Mouse Santi (David Eugene Ray)

Hello friends! Our book today was The Little Mouse Santi, written by David Eugene Ray and illustrated by Santiago Germano, a funny little story about a mouse with a rather unconventional dream.

Santi is a little mouse who dreams of being… a cat! Santi wants nothing more than to nap in the sun, chase after bugs in the meadow, and sit on the lap of the farmer’s wife and be scratched behind his ears. Santi practices very hard at being a cat: he practices ignoring everyone, being lazy, and giving himself cat baths. Finally, he thinks he might be ready. He approaches one of the cats and tries to blend in, only to be met with an unexpected turn of events!

This was a very funny little book! The anime-inspired illustrations are simple and cute as can be, and the length is just fine for a baby bookworm. The story had a great twist ending, and cat-lovers especially will love the tongue-in-cheek references to the unique personality traits of our feline friends. We really liked this one! Baby Bookworm approved!

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