The Princess And The Pony (Kate Beaton)

Summer Reading Day 87: Hello friends! Ms. J was having a bit of a rough day with teething, so a funny girl-power story was just the ticket, and we were not disappointed with The Princess And The Pony by Kate Beaton! 

Princess Pinecone wants nothing more for her birthday than a mighty steed so she can be a fierce warrior like the rest of her clan, but come her big day, she finds that they have gotten her a roly-poly pony who hasn’t a lick of killer instinct. She attempts to train him, but to no avail. At last, on the day of a big battle, Princess Pinecone rides her steed into battle and finds, much to her surprise, that he has strengths she had never considered before!

This book was so awesome! The story was incredibly cute, and the text was silly and fun to read. The illustrations are fun, colorful and cartoony, and will make you fall as much in love with the stout little pony as the characters do. Plus, the message puts a fantastic twist on “everybody has their own unique talents”; the reader assumes going into the climactic battle that the pony will be tougher or braver than previously thought, but instead, his talent has been apparent all along, and instead of conforming to the expectation of the tough warrior lifestyle, he and his princess win the day by being sweet and gentle, and showing that everyone has a soft side. We loved this one! Definitely Baby Bookworm approved!

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