One Cool Friend (Toni Buzzeo)

Summer Reading Day 75: Our book today was One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo, with illustrations by David Small. One Cool Friend tells the story of a very proper little boy who gets a penguin named Magellan for a pet, and the misadventures the two have.

This was a cute book with a fun, silly story and a twist ending that made me chuckle. The art is adorable, and very reminiscent of Disney’s art from the 60’s and 70’s. My only two issues were that it was a bit long for a baby JJ’s age (however, it would be great for an older child), and the manner in which the little boy, Elliot, procures his penguin – which is to say, he STEALS him! Elliot sneaks Magellan out of an aquarium by stuffing him into a backpack and walking out. It is meant to show childish innocence, but the fact that he steals the penguin and then never returns him or makes amends for the theft left me nonplussed. Of course, this is a children’s picture book, but it definitely stood out as being an iffy message for youngsters. It’s a cute book otherwise, so I would say give it a read and decide for yourself.

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