How To Draw A Dragon (Douglas Florian)

Summer Reading Day 73: Today we read How To Draw A Dragon by Douglas Florian, a fun book that acts as a tongue-in-cheek instructional manual on, well, how to draw a dragon. Told in rhyme, it gives aspiring dragon-portraiture artists tips on how to get their dragon drawings just right, first by finding a dragon and bringing it home with them, getting together LOTS of art supplies (as dragons are quite large), then providing advice on how to capture each claw, scale and horn perfectly.

This is another really cute book for dragon-lovers. It’s mostly just for fun, but does encourage imagination, which is always great. The art is done in a childlike style, which is fun, though it was a little hard for a very young bookworm like JJ to focus on some pages that were especially scribbly. But the length is great, and the rhyming story is fun to read. Slightly older baby bookworms would love this one, especially dragon lovers! Baby Bookworm approved!

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