Sit, Truman! (Dan Harper)


Summer Reading Day 45: Today’s book was Sit, Truman! by Dan Harper. The mastiff on the cover made me pick this one; JJ’s daddy and I have always been fans of giant-breed dogs (JJ’s “brother” is a Dane mix rescue). So I was very pleased to discover this adorable picture book was all about a giant, gentle, and silly mastiff named, of course, Truman. The story takes us through one of Truman’s days, complete with walks, play, and lots of drool. The illustrations are done in a realistic style, and they really capture the unique personalities of mastiffs.

The story is short and simple, great for little ones, especially those who live dogs. We definitely enjoyed it, and will be picking up a copy for our friends who have two pet mastiffs! Thumbs up!

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