Doing Her Bit: A Story About The Woman’s Land Army Of America (Erin Hagar)

Hello, everyone! Today, we read Doing Her Bit: A Story About The Woman’s Land Army Of America, written by Erin Hagar and illustrated by Jen Hill, a story based on true events about just some of the wartime efforts that brave ladies volunteered to do during WWI.

During the first World War, a young woman named Helen wants very much to help her country, but knitting socks for the soldiers just doesn’t feel like enough. However, when she hears about the Woman’s Land Army, she knows it is just the challenge for her: she will go out to the country, learn how to do farmhand work, and do the jobs that fighting men have had to leave behind. Helen and her fellow “farmerettes” toil long hours and push their bodies to the limit to learn how to work land, but when the harvest comes, no farmer will hire them! The farmers don’t believe the women can do the “men’s work,” and do not want to pay them “men’s” wages. But the hard-nosed director of the camp negotiates a chance for the women to prove their skills, and the farmers find that being hardworking and brave knows no gender.

I love historical and biographical children’s books, especially ones that highlight awesome women, so I was pleased at how well this book told the story of the Woman’s Land Army. It struck a fantastic balance between historical information and the fictional story. The illustrations compliment the tale well, setting the scene and giving the women personality. The length is just about right for baby bookworms, too. Best of all, it has a message that young girls need today as much as they ever did: women are strong, brave, kind, hard-working, and never EVER less than their male counterparts. Baby Bookworm approved!