Whale In A Fishbowl (Troy Howell & Richard Jones)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Whale In A Fishbowl by Troy Howell and Richard Jones, the sweet fable of a whale named Wednesday.

Wednesday is a whale, so named because she is at the center of everything. She lives in a giant fishbowl in a city center, surrounded by speeding cars and bustling crowds, all covered in grayish smog. She has rocks and plants and food, but it still doesn’t feel quite right – she yearns for a life beyond her bowl, and for the glimpses of a vast, perfect blue she can see in the distance when she jumps into the air. One day, a little girl named Piper comes to see Wednesday, and as they look at one another, Wednesday feels a connection to the familiar blue of the girl’s eyes. Piper introduces herself, and leaves Wednesday with a cryptic thought to ponder: “You don’t belong in there.” Turning over the words in her head, Wednesday begins to believe more and more that the blue is where she needs to be, and puts all her effort into one last break for freedom.

Hauntingly beautiful. I love these sorts of stories for children because the story itself is clear and easily-followed, but it allows for multiple interpretations as to its meaning. Is it a lesson in believing in your dreams? Following your heart? Having the courage to explore the unknown? Perhaps a meditation on captivity of animals, or even of people (a timely issue)? It’s the sort of story that inspires kids and adults to think, consider, and discuss afterwards, and that’s awesome. The art compliments the story perfectly, using color, tone, and the abundance, then absence, of energy to connect to audience to Wednesday’s emotions. The length is great, and JJ seemed spellbound. This is a gorgeous book in art, language, and story, and will give bookworms of any age lots to think about. Baby Bookworm approved!

Breathe (Scott Magoon)

Hello, friends! Today, we read Breathe by Scott Magoon, a sweet and soothing tale of a little whale’s first day exploring the sea.

Told with meditative, minimalist text and lovely undersea art, the story of a baby beluga whale’s day unfolds. He is exploring his underwater environment on his own today, with his mother nearby to guide him if need be. The lessons he learns are pared down to simple, soothing instructions: Breathe. Swim. Play all day. Explore. Listen to the sea sing. And as his day winds down, and his mother comes to his side to help lull him to sleep, the most important lesson of all: love, and be loved.

This was a wonderfully pleasant book, and a perfect example of children’s books where less is more. Magoon’s art does the bulk of the storytelling, creating adorably sweet characters against magnificent yet tranquil backgrounds of cool blues and rich greens. The text is simple and subdued, and the overall effect creates the ideal calm for a bedtime story. The length was perfect, and JJ absolutely loved the art. This is a fantastic little story for even the youngest bookworms, and we really enjoyed it. Baby Bookworm approved!

The Whale In My Swimming Pool (Joyce Wan)


Summer Reading Day 37: Since we’re taking our baby swim lessons this week, I thought it might be fun to read a pool-related book, and I chose The Whale In My Swimming Pool by Joyce Wan. It’s got a funny, silly story about a boy who goes swim in his pool only to find, well, I think you can guess. The illustrations are adorable kawaii-style art that is fun to look at, and the story is perfect for little readers. We loved it.