Miss Paul And The President: The Creative Campaign For Women’s Right To Vote (Dean Robbins)

Hello, friends! Today, we read Miss Paul And The President: The Creative Campaign For Women’s Right To Vote, written by Dean Robbins and illustrated by Nancy Zhang, a biography that tells the abbreviated story of Alice Paul, noted suffragist and women’s rights activist, and her unconventional methods for raising support for women’s right to vote.

The day that President Woodrow Wilson arrives in Washington DC to take office, he is expecting huge crowds to greet him. However, as he exits his train, he is shocked to find no one! Instead, spectators have been drawn, either to cheer or boo, Alice Paul’s parade for women’s suffrage – intentionally scheduled for the very same day and time. A passionate suffragist from a young age, Paul is not above a bit of mischief-making and boldness to make herself heard. She organizes letter-writing campaigns, protests, and even a meeting with the president, who dismisses her by saying he has “more important issues.” But Alice Paul refuses to quit or be silenced, and eventually, President Wilson finds that he can no longer turn a deaf ear to the cries for suffrage.

We had a mostly positive impression of this one. Alice is depicted as a passionate, convicted and wiley political force for women’s rights, and she and her story are a great example for young readers. The illustrations are gorgeous, full of life, color, and personality. The length is fine, and JJ really enjoyed it. However, I was disappointed that more focus was not given to Margaret Wilson, President Wilson’s daughter. When the President refuses to read the many letters he receives from Paul’s campaigns, Margaret reads them instead. When Paul is arrested for protesting, it’s Margaret Wilson to stand up to Woodrow and proclaim “Votes for Women.” While Wilson makes the final play for suffrage, it’s Margaret who spurs him there. Perhaps this one should have been titled Miss Paul And The President’s Daughter instead. Still, a lovely book about a wonderful female role model, and definitely Baby Bookworm approved!