The Night Gardener (The Fan Brothers)

Summer Reading Day 85: Hello everyone, and hope you’re having a good start to your week! Our book today is The Night Gardener by The Fan Brothers (a.k.a Eric and Terry Fan), an enchanting tale of a town where a young orphan boy lives, and the mysterious and phenomenal topiaries that appear there overnight.

William and the rest of his town wake up one morning to find that the tree outside the orphanage has been transformed into a beautiful owl. Each night thereafter, a new topiary animal appears, each more amazing than the last. Everyone wonders who is responsible for them, especially William, who stares transfixed at the owl outside his window day and night. At last, he finds his answer and even makes a new friend.

This was a beautiful book, in both story and art. The central theme of a lonely orphan finding something, and someone, magical and beautiful to believe in is one that touches the heart, and the intricate illustrations are stunning. The length is just right for a one-year old, and JJ positively loved listening the the text and staring at the drawings. We absolutely recommend this one for dreamers of all ages. Baby Bookworm approved!