More-igami (Dori Kleber)

Hello! Today, we read More-igami, written by Dori Kleber and illustrated by G. Brian Karas.

Joey is a little boy who loves things that fold: he collects old maps, plays the accordion, and sleeps on a foldaway bed. One day, a classmate’s mother comes to class and shows Joey how to fold origami, and he is blown away. She tells him that to become an origami master, he must practice and have patience, so Joey practices on everything he sees: the newspaper, his sister’s sheet music, even money from his mom’s purse, driving his family crazy! Can Joey find a place to practice his craft so that he can become an origami master?

This was a really cute book! On the surface, it teaches kids about origami, which is an awesome craft (there are even instructions for making an origami ladybug in the back of the book). But underneath, it’s a great lesson about learning how to do anything, and the hard work and dedication it takes to do so. In addition, the illustrations are colorful and sweet, the length is pretty good for baby bookworms, and JJ really enjoyed it. Baby Bookworm approved!

And Then It’s Spring (Julie Fogliano)

Summer Reading Day 71: Hello! Today, we read And Then It’s Spring by Julie Fogliano, with illustrations by Erin E. Stead. Based on the cover, one might assume that the book is about Spring, and to some extent it is, but it’s actually more about growing plants. In it, a little boy plants seeds in his garden at the end of winter, then struggles with the anticipation of waiting for his plants to grow and for the world to become green again.

This is a very cute story, and incredibly fun to read. The narration is fun and playful, and it really captures the nervous impatience that every gardener faces waiting for the fruits of their labors to appear, as well as the joy of growing living things; JJ’s daddy, the master gardener of our family, loved listening to the story with us. The illustrations are sweet, simple and charming, and the length is just right for a Baby Bookworm. We absolutely recommend this one, especially for little gardeners.