Open This Little Book (Jesse Klausmeier)

Hello, everyone! Today we read Open This Little Book, written by Jesse Klausmeier and illustrated by Suzy Lee, a fun and interactive book of colors for little bookworms.

Open this little book, and you will find… another book! And inside that, another! There’s a red book with a green book inside, and a yellow book inside of that. Each is filled with a different story about a different animal, each animal getting bigger as the book that contains them gets smaller. What stories lie between the pages of this little book? You’ll have to open them to see!

This was a very different book about colors, and we loved it! The books-within-books gimmick is perfect for curious little hands, and JJ spent a good long time after our initial read-through just flipping the pages and identifying the colors. There’s also some animal identification and a short story about friendship and helping others, as well as a celebration of the love of books. The art is adorable, and brings to mind the style of classic storybook art like Winnie The Pooh and Little Bear. The length is perfect, and it’s great for inquisitive little bookworms. We had a lot of fun with this one, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

The Happiest Book Ever! (Bob Shea)

Hello, everybody! JJ was a bit under the weather today, so we really needed a good book to cheer us up! Fortunately, our book today was The Happiest Book Ever! by Bob Shea, a wonderfully fun interactive book guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

This book is determined to be the happiest book EVER! So it’s filled itself with things that everybody loves: delicious cake, smiling clouds, hugs, a flyin’ lion, even a candy parade! Still, it feels like the book could be happier. What’s holding it back? Oh, maybe that frowny frog has something to do with it… 

This was a fantastic book – not only did it have a lot of fun ways to interact, but it also had a great lesson about kindness and not losing one’s temper, which was unexpected and nice (most interactive books don’t really have a message, they’re just all in good fun). JJ got a lot of laughs out of the different activities, emotions, and ultra-bright, mega-colorful illustrations. The length was good, and it was a blast to read. We would absolutely recommend this one! Baby Bookworm approved!

Tuck Me In! & Who’s Hungry? (Dean Hacohen & Sherry Scharschmidt)

(Note: A copy of these books was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the author in exchange for an honest review.)

Hello, friends! We’re mixing things up a bit today and giving you two reviews in one: Tuck Me In! and Who’s Hungry?, both by Dean Hacohen and Sherry Scharschmidt, two adorable interactive books about bedtime and mealtime!

The premise of each book is simple: the titles ask the question of who is hungry or tired, and each page has a different animal saying that they are! Then, the reader flips a flap over to; in Tuck Me In!, tuck the animal into bed or, in Who’s Hungry?, feed them their preferred food.

These books were so great! They are perfect for babies and toddlers, with bright, colorful, and friendly illustrations, and simple yet educational interaction that any reader who can turn a page can participate in. Both books teach identifying animals, and Who’s Hungry? has the added bonus of teaching about their diets as well. Even the pages are made of a sturdy material for younger readers who can be a bit tough on books. JJ had so much fun with these, she played with them for a long while after storytime! These are great staples for any baby bookworm’s library, and we highly recommend them! Baby Bookworm approved!

Here Comes Santa Cat (Deborah Underwood)

Happy Holidays Week, Day 5: Hello, everybody! Our book today is the adorable Here Comes Santa Cat, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Claudia Rueda, a interactive story about an enterprising cat who is on a mission to make the “nice” list.

Why is Cat dressed up like Santa? So he can give himself a present of course! But doesn’t Cat know that Santa will give him his present? Oh, I see: Cat has tended to fall on the side of “naughty” more than “nice” this year. What can he do to try to redeem himself so that Santa will bring him a gift? 

This is a really cute and funny book, told in a fun conversational style (the text addresses Cat directly, and his response is showed through the following illustration. It makes for a very entertaining read for adults and kids! The illustrations are wonderfully on point, expressive and rich with charm. And the story is a classic Christmas theme reimagined: generosity to others is always its own reward. The length was very reasonable, and JJ loved it. This one was tons of fun, and definitely Baby Bookworm approved!

Get Out Of My Bath! (Britta Teckentrup)

Hello, everyone! Today, we read Get Out Of My Bath! by Britta Teckentrup, an adorably fun interactive bathtime book!

Ellie the elephant is ready for her bath, and is having fun splashing in the water. But, wait! Is that a crocodile in her bath? And a flamingo, too! The reader will have to help Ellie get all these other animals out so she can enjoy her bathtime!

We love interactive books! And this was a great one: it’s entertaining and funny (JJ was squealing with delight the whole way through), the illustrations are adorable, and the length is perfect. Best of all, it preps little bookworms for bathtime, which can be a struggle to get some children excited about, by seamlessly segueing Ellie’s bath into the reader’s. If you’re having trouble getting your baby bookworm excited about taking a bath, this might be the book for you. All in all, we liked it! Baby Bookworm approved!