Windows (Julia Denos)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Windows, written by Julia Denos and illustrated by E.B. Goodale, a lovely twilight meditation on people and community.

When you look at your window as the sun goes down, at just the right time, you will begin to see a light show coming to life. As the dark of night begins to take the sky, people turn on their lights, and you can stroll through the neighborhood (with trusty pup in tow) and look at the glimpses into the lives of others that their windows provide. The warm glow of their lights show people watching tv, doing yoga, learning to dance. They cook dinner, play together, practice musical instruments. They are families and friends and people living their lives, just like you and I. Some windows are dark, and waiting to be filled with stories of their own. And there’s no better window than the one filled with the ones you love, who welcome you home with a kiss, a cuddle, and a bedtime story.

What a lovely little book! Following a little boy as he walks his dog through his town at dusk, the sincere, contemplative text combines with gorgeous sunset-colored illustrations to tell a story of childhood curiosity and community. There’s a wonderful nostalgic quality as well (who didn’t spend time in their youth catching glimpses of other people’s homes through their windows and wondering about the inhabitants?). The length is great, and JJ and I both really enjoyed the peaceful story and the beautiful art. We loved this one, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

Cricket Song (Anne Hunter)

Hello, friends! Today, we read Cricket Song by Anne Hunter, a bedtime book about the magic hour of dusk, and how it can connect the lives of two children with an ocean between them.

As the sun sets, Cricket Song describes the unique sights and sounds of dusk settling in: the call of a “poor will” bird, the rustle of a fox hunting in the grass, and of course, the song of crickets floating on the breeze. The book follows these sights and sounds across a sea, from a rocky mountainous seaside home to a community of fisherman on a tropical beach, and how the creatures of everywhere in between prepare for the coming night.

This was a very pretty bedtime book, with a soothing cadence and some truly lovely illustrations. In particular, the detail of the two homes and the ocean between detailed in miniature across the bottom of the pages gave cause to closely examine each page’s offerings that much more. JJ really engaged with this one, and the length was great for baby bookworms, so this one is definitely one to check out! Baby Bookworm approved!