If Dogs Run Free (Bob Dylan)

Hello, friends! Today, we read If Dogs Run Free, written by Bob Dylan and illustrated by Scott Campbell, a picture book inspired by the lyrics of Dylan’s 1970 song of the same name. 

Accompanied by darling and joyful illustrations, the lyrics unfold across the pages as the story follows two children and their dog, asking the question, “If dogs run free, then why not we?” The rhymes are simple and fun to read, and the book has a great flow to it (plus, if you’re a fan of the song, it can be sung all the way through). 

Our favorite part were the illustrations, which are playful, colorful, and really bring Dylan’s sometimes-abstract lyrics to life. The adventures of the children and their dog, and the many sights and friends that greet them along the way, are thoroughly detailed and filled with whimsy. 

Otherwise, the length is great for baby bookworms, and we had a lot of fun reading this one together. Baby Bookworm approved!