I Always Will (Michael C. Kelly)

Hello, friends! Our book today is I Always Will by Michael C. Kelly, a heartfelt ode from a parent to their little one.

From their first breath onward, each child has many memorable milestones. And while they may not remember them all themselves, their parents do: the first hug, first kiss, first night home. Each illness and birthday, each smile and sleepless night, precious moments in their memories. And with each new memory, no matter how old or big their baby gets, a parent’s love is everlasting; from the first breath, they loved you, and always will.

Earnest and sweet. Clearly drawing from personal experience, Kelly gives a sentimental look at some of the near-universal emotions and milestones that a parent goes through with their child, reminiscing on each in a set of warm, soothing couplets. This transitions into a promise to love unconditionally for all the child’s life – it’s a narrative as much for children as it is for the parent reading it, and quite lovely. The art – digital, watercolor-inspired vignettes, mostly against negative space – is a little uneven, mostly due to the constant vacillation between photo-realistic scenes and more cartoonish ones. However, the color palette fits the tone perfectly, and the individual illustrations are very sweet. The length is great, and JJ seemed to enjoy it as well. A strong indie effort that will warm any parent’s heart, and Baby Bookworm approved!

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the author in exchange for an honest review.)

Tell Me A Tattoo Story (Alison McGhee)


Summer Reading Day 58: Today’s book was Tell Me A Tattoo Story by Alison McGhee, and if you are a parent or parents who have tattoos, consider picking this one up. This is one of the very few children’s books I’ve ever seen that normalizes tattoos, much less celebrates them.

In the story, a little boy asks his father to tell him the stories of each of his tattoos, even though he’s heard them many times before. His dad explains each tattoo and who or what it signifies: his parents, the day he met the boy’s mother, his military services, etc. I liked this in particular, as it is a great way to explain to children that tattoos often have special significance to the wearer. The length is just about perfect for a baby bookworm, but the illustrations by Eliza Wheeler are intricate and detailed enough to appeal to older kids as well. JJ liked it, so all in all, this one is definitely Baby Bookworm approved!

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Fox (Kate Banks)


Summer Reading Day 53: Today’s book was Fox by Kate Banks. As I’ve mentioned before, foxes are my favorite animal, so mommy was definitely excited about this book, and it didn’t really disappoint. It has a fox family, lovely descriptions of the passage of time over a year as a fox kit grows up, and the time-honored tale of learning how to fend for yourself (and your parents providing you with that knowledge). The art as sweet, with broad brush strokes featuring the colors of nature. But honestly, this was another book that left me tepid: no major complaints, but nothing that made me fall in love. Regardless, JJ liked it well enough, and it was a good length, so thumbs up.

No Matter What (Debi Gliori)


Summer Reading Day 42: Hello! Our book today was No Matter What by Debi Gliori. Those who know me know that I have a serious love of foxes (JJ’s nursery is fox/woodland themed), so I noticed this book awhile back when I was allowed to make a fox-themed children’s display at the library. Giving it a read, I knew I wanted to share it with JJ. A young fox, Small, asks their parent, Large (this is a nice touch – both foxes are genderless) if they would love them if they were grumpy, far away, a bug, etc. Of course, Large always answers that they would love their child “no matter what.”

It’s a sweet, short read with illustrations that are silly and lovely in turn. JJ loved it, so this one is a definite thumbs up!