You Complete Me: A Sliding Pull-Tab Book (Cindy Jin)

Hello, friends! Our book today was You Complete Me: A Sliding Pull-Tab Book, written by Cindy Jin and illustrated by Yuzhen Cai, a short and sweet love letter to the one who makes you whole.

Addressing the reader in first person, the text expresses that the speaker and reader make a perfect pair, and just like other perfect pairs, they work best when together. Like ice cream and a waffle cone, like a kite and string, like a ball and glove, one without the other is simply not complete.

Cute if occasionally awkward. Jin’s rhymes are sugar-sweet, chipper, and fun to read aloud, especially to a little one, and Cai’s kawaii-inspired artwork is absolutely darling. Some of the pairs don’t make as much sense as others – does a tire swing really need wind, or vice versa? – but for a very casual read-through these aren’t too noticeable. My main issue was the functionality of the “pull-tabs,” which did not have tabs at all. The reader has to physically push the moving element to make it go, and while this design is clever in some places, such as one page’s interactive element setting up the next’s, it was often difficult to get the element to move without something to grip, especially for small hands. Otherwise, length was fine for the very smallest bookworms, and JJ enjoyed the colorful illustrations. Overall, a middling yet enjoyable title, and Baby Bookworm approved!

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)

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