Poor Louie (Tony Fucile)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Poor Louie by Tony Fucile, a charming tale of a troubled pup.

Poor Louie. Life used to be paradise for this diminutive little dog; sitting at the table and dining on scraps, cuddling on the couch and in bed with his mom and dad, and being the pampered center of attention in their household. He even loved when his mom would invite her friends over for visits… until THEY started to arrive. First one, then two, then four – smaller humans on all fours who pulled his ears and poked his tummy. Louie was relieved when the babies would leave, but soon some new oddities began to appear at home. Suddenly he had to eat his meals on the floor, and bedtime was a much tighter squeeze as his mom’s belly grew (and… KICKED him?!). Spying a collection of new baby items – all in pairs – and a double stroller, Louie suddenly realizes that his family is about to grow by TWO. Oh no – how much change can poor Louie take?!

ADORABLE. The story of a new baby joining the family from a pet’s perspective is a classic one, yet this take feels fresh in every way, from the wonderfully expressive character design to the hilarious and endearing story. Louie’s concern over the changes in his family are specific and exaggerated just enough to be funny, but relatable enough in a broader sense that older brothers and sisters of the human variety can identify. And the resolution is one as adorable and heartwarming as a book about puppies and babies should have, with an added and unexpected modern twist. The length was fine for all ages, and JJ LOVED little Louie, as did I. An absolute treat, and Baby Bookworm approved.

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